At HFS we can study new designs for any fork stanchion with an internal diameter from 28.5 mm; usually, it corresponds to forks with stanchion external diameter of 35 mm.

We have designed solutions for the following forks: BETOR, MARZOCCHI, TELESCO, CERIANI, CORTE COSSO, FORAL, BULTACO and SHOWA.

To do this, we send Customer a set of 3 data templates in order to make some easy measurements in the following parts:

      > Fork depth
      > Upper cap
      > Spring

We can also receive the complete fork.

When templates are completed, Customer send it back to us, we make the study and give response in approximately 5-8 working days.

From that point, a specific kit is defined amd when Customer confirms the order, we start manufacturing.


  Fork depth                              Upper cap                             Spring


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