We are a Spanish company that design and manufacture progressive suspension systems for motorbikes front fork.

Our activity started developing a progressive suspension system for Honda NX 650 Dominator in 2006, and we have been increasing product range since then up to the wide list of possibilities we are able to offer now. We cover modern motorbikes (trail and on-road) as well as classic motorbikes (trial, motocross and on-road speed racing).

Our solutions for classic motorbikes have been developed with competition requirements. We are proud to confirm that different competition teams in all the specialties has trusted HFS to enhance their front suspension fork performance.

We have capability to develop any tailor-made solution for non USD standard forks with stanchion outer diameter greater than 35 mm. Our limitations at the moment are USD forks, and non-USD forms with damping cartridge. Rest of non-USD forks can potentially fit a HFS system.

Manufacturing is done with CNC, and we use sealing products of the highest quality available in the market.

You can contact us on phone number +34 619 78 33 05 (monday to friday, 10:00 – 14:00), or through mail at info@suspensionhfs.com.

You can also contact us completing the following template:


HFS (Hybrid Fork Suspension) is trade mark
HFS – High Quality Products made in UE